Our Mission:

“Relentlessly pursuing opportunity through the art of skateboarding.”

About us


Careless is a company that sells skateboards, but is not limited to skateboards alone. Careless also provides longboards, apparel, and more. There is no ceiling to what Careless can do. It is not confined to limited capabilities. What the future holds goes farther than what the eye can see. Careless has growth in its nature and the opportunities to progress are limitless. To get our name out there will take bold and shameless acts of courage. All the while not caring what they think of us for it. All of this is made possible because of you. You are more than a customer. You are the reason for limitless progression and ultimately the only way we can even exist. To give our thanks back, we strive to provide to you the best products possible. We understand that skateboarders tend to break their boards. So we want to give you a place to resort to when that happens. This is your new safe haven to catch you when you fall, no pun intended. Our goal is to make a seamlessly easy shopping experience designed especially for returning customers and bold brand builders like you. With a company and checkout that remembers you we can smoothly keep your skateboard stock up to date, so that you are never a day without a board. It’s the least we can do. After all, you’re the reason Careless Skate Co. exists. 


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